Public Safety Cadet Program

Henrico Police is proud to partner with the Public Safety Cadet Program, a new, national non-profit organization founded and managed by active and retired law enforcement officers and business leaders dedicated to preparing young adults, ages 14 and graduated from the 8th grade up to the age of 20 (until 21st birthday), for careers and leadership in the public safety profession.Hand holding up Public Safety Cadets badge

What do Public Safety Cadets do?

Public Safety Cadet will benefit from a variety of activities, including:

  • Participating in local and out-of-state training conferences and field trips
  • Participating in the Police Ride-Along Program.
  • Assisting with law enforcement and public-safety-related activities such as traffic direction, parades, community events, crime prevention programs, and child fingerprinting

Send your completed application to [email protected]


Henrico Police offers citizens the opportunity to participate in a ride-along with a patrol officer. During the ride-along the citizen will accompany the officer on his or her shift for the day. This gives the citizen the chance to see a “day in the life” of a patrol officer and could serve as an introduction to the job for those interested in becoming police officers themselves. The participant may choose to ride the entire shift or just part of it.

Those who are eligible to participate in a ride-along include:

  1. High school students who are participating in a school-sponsored program
  2. College student interns who are majoring in the field of Criminal Justice or Public Administration/Affairs
  3. Persons who are actively seeking employment with the Division and who have prior approval from the Personnel Unit
  4. Members and participants of the Henrico Police Athletic League (PAL).

Ride-along participants must be at least 14 years of age. In order to schedule a ride-along, please contact the Personnel Unit.


Henrico County, a progressive employer of choice, offers internship opportunities for high school and college students to develop skills and experience relevant to their course of study. We are committed to creating challenging, meaningful, relevant work experiences for students. To learn about future internship opportunities in your area of study, contact our Internship Program staff at 501-7206 or e-mail at [email protected]. All internships will have specific learning goals identified by the student as being core to their academic and career development. The County will strive to ensure a balance between the intern’s specific learning goals and the work that is required by the Department. Learn more about Becoming an Intern at Henrico County.

Intern positions within the Division of Police require the additional items listed below, along with the items listed on the Become An Intern page:

  • One written recommendation from the college our university’s internship program coordinator
  • One letter from a professor with firsthand knowledge of the student’s abilities and qualifications
  • Two reference letters from employers or professional individuals

Applicants must be in student status during the semester period for which they are applying.

Internship positions are unique to each department/agency and positions are based on departmental need. Internship opportunities may be for pay or for academic credit.