Basic Police Academy.

The Henrico County Police Divisions Basic Police Academy consists of 32-35 weeks of classroom and hands-on, scenario-based training. The schedule is a typical 40 hour work-week, Monday through Friday. The hours are  8:00am-4:30pm, but there will be some instruction that requires night hours. The vast majority of the classroom and physical training will take place at the Public Safety Building Training Center on Parham Road.

Over the course of the academy, recruits will participate in classroom instruction lead primarily by our own officers who are general instructor certified. Recruits will spend countless hours learning topics such as Virginia law, career development, officer survival, emergency vehicle operation, weapons handling, defensive tactics, and de-escalation techniques to name just a few. Recruits will be tested several times over the 32-35 week period on all topics covered. A course curriculum/syllabus detailing the entire training schedule will be given to each recruit on day one.

 Physical training is also a very important element of our training. Recruits can expect to train with an instructor a minimum of 3 times per week while in the academy. Activities include, but are not limited to, running, push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.

Potential recruits/candidates are encouraged to begin physical activity well before starting the academy in preparation. This helps to reduce the chance of injury as well as establish a base of where they are physically.

Upon successful completion of the Basic Police Academy, the recruit class will attend a graduation ceremony attended by family and friends as well members of the Division and County Government. Once graduation is complete the recruits will begin Field Training. Field Training Officers (FTOs) are assigned while in the academy and recruits are given the chance to meet with them to go over expectations. Field Training consists of 2-3 months of “on-the-job” training with a certified, veteran officer. Recruits will now be considered officers and will respond to calls for service on patrol. The new officers will be tested daily on directives and law and must pass a Solo-Release Board to be recommended for release to solo-duty. Once that happens the new officer will be assigned his/her own service area to patrol on their own as a Virginia DCJS certified police officer.